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Industry: Ecommerce, Automotive
Type: Privately-held company
Founded: March 10, 2004 by Hironori Yamakawa
Established at: 10 million yen in capital
Key People: Hironori Yamakawa (President)
Takahiro Suemori (General Manager)
Eiichi (Ken) Mizuyama (Director)
Hirotaka Tanaka (Director)
Slogan: “Always taking a step Forward”
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Number of employees: 167 employees
(as of July, 2015)
Services: Ecommerce, mainly exporting used
vehicles and auto-parts, etc., etc.
Area served: Worldwide
Inventory: Japanese-made, American and European
used vehicles, including 4-door sedans, buses,
trucks, tractors and motorbikes
Revenue: 49.2 billion JPY for ’14 -‘15 fiscal year

Tokyo Headquarters

4-6-1 Fuda, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-0024, Japan
TEL: +81 42 440 3440
FAX: +81 42 440 3450

Okinawa Office

1-14-11 Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa, Japan

We sell and export used cars and auto-parts to over 124 different countries through our ecommerce site. Our main operation, used vehicle export, marked 12,000 vehicles as its monthly export volume and 146,925 vehicles as annual export volume for the latest fiscal year (as of July, 2015). At our headquarters in Tokyo, we operate from purchasing of inventory, exporting the merchandises and taking care of our customers by employees from 26 countries, using 30 different languages every day.